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DBFF expertizes in flavor manufacturing and utilize advanced facilities and machines to ensure the consistency and quality of our products.  We specialize in all sorts of food and beverage applications that requires experience in manufacturing. We develop, produce and supply flavor products to the F&B and Pharmaceutical industry. With a professional technical team, we are confident to develop new aroma as required by any customer. Also, we commit to produce goods based on Halal. Together with our valued customers,we want to build a number of  strong and solid business relationships.


Tailor made flavors for sweet beverages,dairy,
bakery & cookies, nuts,confectionary, Vape Vapour, etc

We analyzed and extracts
aroma of Tea & Coffee

We offers spray-drying fruit powder, that it process
and used to create a powder from fruit juice.

We offers a wide range of products which includes
powder & liquid cloudifier agent