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DBFF expertizes in flavor manufacturing and utilize advanced facilities and machines to ensure the consistency and quality of our products.

We specialize in all sorts of food and beverage applications that requires experience in manufacturing. We develop, produce and supply flavor products to the F&B and Pharmaceutical industry. With a professional technical team, we are confident to develop new aroma as required by any customer. Also, we commit to produce goods based on Halal. Together with our valued customers,we want to build a number of strong and solid business relationships.


Reliable and consistent quality

We do our work with passion, which is providing good flavors to our clients. Our clients are most important to us which is why we go overboard to see that everything is just right when it comes to the quality of our products.  All through the process, strict quality control is maintained by the senior team members. This is to ensure that the products manufactured confine to the highest industry grades and are able to meet the end demands.

Trust, Relationship and Values

Over the many years, we have strived hard to maintain best relationships with our clients. They are precious to us. We feel proud to say that the clients that came to us in the beginning are with us to this day. We are honored and humbled and thank each one of them for the trust that they have reposed on us. We want to assure you of our support in the growth and success of your business.

Experience and professionalism

We have been in the food industry since the new millennium and the man-years of knowledge and experience have helped us in planning and executing new projects. Our team has expert professionals having years of experience of the field. This helps us to understand the requirements of customers easily so that we can provide them with the best product.

Expertise in matching strictest customer requirements

We emphasize on working closely with the customers and we welcome change. This helps us to deliver best quality end products to meet the international quality standards. Also, this enables us to effectively meet the growing demands.

Food safety and traceability

We are here to assure you a safe food supply by following strict food safety policies. We add value to our client’s supply chain by providing traceability of our products right from procurement to processing to providing safe delivery to our customers.

Competitive Price

We are able to provide the best quality product at the most competitive prices. We can also suitably alter the pricing of the products according to the specific needs of an organization. Therefore this makes us very competitive.

Time efficient

We work in very fluid conditions meaning we maximize our capacity according to the needs of the customer. Our response to customer’s needs is instantaneous. We are here with dedicated services for all our customers so that they can find the solution without any hassle.